Hair Removal at Home | Best Laser Hair Removal |


This Laser hair removal instrument is for women and men of all age groups.

Hair Removal at Home | Best Laser Hair Removal |

By using this laser hair removal they can get those soft and smooth legs that they always wanted. Now, time to get rid of hair facials without any painful plucking or by making laser treatment appointments and waxing. It is light weighted and easy to use, it does not leave and cuts or bumps.

Its Micro-oscillation technology will remove hair without any pain or irritation. You can carry it along with you at any place and can be used very easily and quickly. It’s at-home hair removal. It is the safest and easy hair removal at home. This is the best hair removal for men and women. Most brands promise permanent hair removal at home but this is not permanent but this is far better than all those products.


It is automatic, just you have to move the power switch to the “ON” position (toward the sense-Light head).  When Power LEDs flashes, it reflects that it’s in “ON” position. The front LEDs will flash at 0. It will take a few seconds to know that the product is ready to use.

When the head of Sensa-Light comes in contact with your skin it will activate and start removing hair as long as you put the head against your skin, the unit will automatically deactivate when you remove the Sensa-Light head from your skin.

The unit will again get reactivated when you reapplied it on your skin. After completing the hair removal kindly move the power switch to the “OFF” position it will shut down the unit trimmer. And this is the best laser hair removal at home. This is better than permanent hair removal products. This is one of the best hair removal products presents in the market


  • It is an instant and pain-free hair remover which is very safe and gentle for the most sensitive skin types.
  • This is ideal for facial hair and perfect for arms, under-arms, bikini, belly, and hard reach out areas on legs.
  • It uses micro-oscillation technology and sweeps away all unwanted hair in just one step, without any pain or any irritation-unlike thermal hair removers or lasers.
  • No more cuts or bumps, nicks, or any painful and expensive methods.


Weight: Its weight is 185g.

 Packing: Color box packing with Packing number: 60PCS gross net weight: 11 / 12G Box Gauge: 59*40.5*45.5 small box packaging:  118 grams per gram: Packing in number: 100 carton gauges: 43*31*33cm.


  1. Rechargeable Finish Touch Hair Remover
  2. USB Charger Pod
  3. Trimmer Head
  4. Plug
  5. Foil Head
  6. Cleaning Brush
  7. Instruction Manual


I have been using it for the last one month. It gives a smooth and clean shaving experience. Which is very easy to use and also you can carry it along with you wherever you want. It does not leave cuts and bumps on the skin and it is also irritation-free. According to me, now the time has come to avoid the expensive laser treatments or painful hair removing techniques. Use it and thanks me later for having such a great experience with this trimmer.

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