Best Car Air Freshener | Buy Car fresheners |

Best Car Air Freshener | Buy Car fresheners |

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Car Air Freshener

Best Car Air Freshener | Buy Car fresheners |

There are many car purifiers that can be seen in the market but, one should always use the best one to purify and filter the air and provide a pleasant home-like experience in the car. Many car purifiers that come in the market are based on batteries that are not long-lasting.

The user has to change it from time to time to avoid the smell of inconsistency while driving. This is always a headache to replace it from time to time. Many people used it and threw it out which cost them. Many times they do not work accordingly and will not be able to cover all the area inside the car. Only, the front seated people can enjoy the fragrance.

To avoid all the problems like replacement, fragrance, and to cover a small area we are introducing you to an advanced air purification magic ball that was built by using a K9 diamond-cutter crystal to make it crystal clear. It contains refreshing perfume so that you can feel happy, refreshing and it also provides a romantic atmosphere too by using its colorful LED lights.

This makes your mood pleasant and your body healthier so that you can enjoy the ride in a better way. It works by using a USB interface. It contains negative oxygen ions through which it purifies the air continuously after inserting into USB.

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It provides multiple fragrance methods: The user can add his/her favorite perfume according to choice into the crystal, or you can also use it on volatile products like toilet water or air freshener. When it blows by using a fan or any other method the fragrance will blow and give you an unexpected result.

How to use a Purification magic ball: It all requires a non-slip mat on the table. Put the purifier on the mat and connect it to the power supply it will start to work automatically.

Note: The negative oxygen ion is an advanced tech and newly introduced in the market. It’s a long-term usage. It depends on your usage time the longer you use the more effects can be seen. Do not tilt the purifier more than 30° during the installation to avoid the perfume overflow.

Maintenance: After usage for a period of time, a layer of specks of dust will accumulate on the emission fibers/plates of negative oxygen ions, which affects the oxygen generation capacity inside the car. The accumulated dust can be gently cleared by using a brush.

Specifications: Car Air Purifier

  • Product Category: Air Purifier or freshener
  • Function: In addition to formaldehyde
  • Power supply mode: It can be used through USB.
  • Use environment: Car
  • Control method: It provides touch technology
  • Applicable areas: It covers – (inclusive)
  • Filter Type: It used a composite filter.
  • Working principle: oxygen negative ions
  • Air purifier air volume/ hour: 50 cubic meters.
  • Noise: Less than 40(dB)
  • Power Supply: Solar

Package Content:

  • Purifier-1
  • Manual-1

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