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As we know guys this is a modern time, everybody has become modernized in different ways. Now, we are introducing you to a new gadget which will help you to keep track of your residence.

Either it could be used as a security or as a surveillance inspector to ensure your safety, so you can feel more comfortable with your loved ones.

It has a flying distance of about 100 meters, having a flight of about 22 minutes. Charging time will take up about 150-180 minutes. It contains a 3.7V1600mAh lithium battery. Its body is made up of plastic.

Its size is 30-50cm.

It does contain several features and functionality:

  • Optical Flow Positioning provides the drone a great performance in the precise location, which ensures a stable and accurate flight.
  • High-Definition Photography has a 720P version one camera, 1080P, and 4K version has a dual camera which takes stunning pictures and videos from the sky.
  • Extra Long Duration of high capacity batteries supports a maximum flight time of about 22 minutes.
    With Headless Mode, no need to adjust the position of the drone before flying. It will adjust by itself.
  • By One-button Take-Off/Landing you can easily land or take-off the aircraft. APP Control provides the app control remotely to set the limit for the usage.
  • Track Flight, you can draw the flight track you want on the phone and the drone will fly the line you are painting. Real-time Map Transmission shows the real-time location of the drone.
  • Speed Control, you can control the speed of the drone through the speed controls.
    The One-button Return function makes it easier for the drone to find the way home.
  • Gesture Recognition helps you to gesture photo and recording functions to make your photography more wonderful.

It also supports:

Ability training like the manual brain, interest training, senses, emotions, hearing, other ability training, parent-child communication, hand-eye coordination, interactive toys.
Operated through Remote control method: handle 3C configuration
Having Take-off full weight: 250g (inclusive) – 1.5kg (inclusive)Maximum flight height: 0-120 meters.

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