Ceiling fan direction? How to change Ceiling fan direction?

Ceiling fan direction? How to change Ceiling fan direction?

 The difference is a ceiling fan and table fan rotates in a direction opposite to each other. warm air Just go and check your fans and notice the direction of rotation.creates a breeze.We are using these fans daily in our life where the fans are apparently used for the same purpose.  feel warmer

But what makes them rotate in different directions? The straight reason is the difference in construction of the motors in it.But what is the difference? Both the fans generally use a single-phaseAC induction motor in it. turn the fan

But the difference is the construction of therotor and the stator in it. Generally for any motors there are two most important parts in it.One is stator, the stationary part that is a fixed component. The Other one is the rotor, the one which is rotating and rotates the Shafts or the blades that are connected to it. remote controls

Now coming back to our fan case. In the ceiling fans you can see this is this Coil winding and this is the stator part and this is the rotor part. 
You can see the stationary part that is the statoris at the center of the hub fixed to the ceiling support.

And it is stationary whereas the rotor is circumference outside. It is like a ring attached to the .  cool air

This rotor is the rotating part and this holds the fan blades and this is where the fan blades are connected. Coming to the table fans, This is a widely used construction. 

The rotor is in the inner part connected with the shaft of the fan blades. The outer part winding is thestator that is fixed and it is mounted with the body of the motor. summer and winter

The coil which is inside tends to rotate in clockwise direction and the part which is outside tends to rotate in anticlockwise direction based on the magnetic field. And the direction of the current. It is because of this difference in the motor construction.  save money

It makes the ceiling fan to rotate anticlockwise direction and the table fan to rotate in the clockwise direction. room feel

And this is the straight reason for the difference in the direction of therotation. But do you know how this rotation happens or how the fan rotates.Let us see. 

Most of the fans we are using at home are made of a single-phase ACinduction motor Generally the principle of motor rotation is that. department of energy

When a current-carrying conductor is placed in the magnetic field, a mechanical force is generated and it creates the rotation. wind chill effect

This is the very general principle which we would have studied in our academics. But really most of the induction motor works based on the rotating magnetic field. It will not have a stationary magnet as shown earlier.  air conditioner 

Now let us understand this. We have one main winding or the coil through which alternate current is passed. Because it is an alternating current, the direction of the magnetic field generated changes every cycle. 

So now we have a fluctuating magnetic field from this coil moving from top to bottom passing through zero. ceiling fan direction in summer

Now to make it as a rotating magnetic field, one more coil called a starting coil secondary coil is placed 90 degree to this main coil. This will again generate fluctuating magnetic field upon passing an alternating current and this will be 90 degree to the main winding. 

Even then we have now two magnetic fields, both of them are fluctuating magnetic fields only. Now to make a rotating magnetic field out of it, a capacitor is introduced to shift the current of the secondary coil by 90 Degree. 

Here it is, we have a main coil, we have a secondary coil. This is the current supplied to the main coil and the secondary coil. Only thing is, with the help of the capacitor We have shifted the current supplied to the secondary coil by 90 Degree.  Leave the room

Because of this, we have two fluctuating magnetic fields going 90 degrees to each other.

 And the resultant magnetic field at any point is not going to be zero in this case.

 And the resultant is a rotational magnetic field like this.  fan rotation
feel cooler

The purpose of this secondary coil is only to trigger the main coil towards a particular direction of rotation. Once the triggering or the starting is done,the main field itself will make the rotor to rotate and this rotational force is opposite to that of the magnetic field.  

And this is the principle behind the rotation of the fan motor. If you simply change the polarity of the capacitor through which the starting coil is connected Then it will initiate the trigger in the opposite direction.

So based on this only the direction of the rotation of the fan is decided. If you change the polarity of the capacitor connected to the starting coil.

 You can see the same fan rotating in the clockwise direction when viewed from front and one more thing.

We have to note here is even if your capacitor fails or the performance of this startingor secondary coil fails, Your fan can still run. air movement

 Assume that your capacitor is failed or the secondary coil is failed.
Now if you switch ON the fan, the main motor will try to rotate in one direction.leave the room

It is just looking for thestarting trigger, if you rotate the fan blades manually towards one direction,then it will start running. But it is not recommended for the healthy operation of the main winding of the rotor. fan set

So this is all about the working of the fan motor and how the direction of the motor is decided.

And how the ceiling fan rotation is different from that of the table fan. vaulted ceiling

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