Keep it in mind before you buy Refurbished smartphones!

Keep it in mind before you buy Refurbished smartphones!

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What are refurbished smartphones?
Refurbished smartphones: what are them? Refurbished smartphones are like new certified with up to two years warranty phones They are subjected to an extremely strict technical inspection Verified by our team of the finest specialists .
At For All Phones every equipment is clean and tested to ensure they are 100% functional at all levels From the physical condition of the phones The battery, the display button,network, Wi-Fi antenna, microphone To the software functionality. Order online

To ensure maximum transparency we grade our smartphones A B or C according to their physical condition being a like-new be Being A – Like New B – Used Good the signs of use become invisible to the And C – Used Acceptable The signs of use become invisible to the naked eye when you use a smartphone case.

After our quality control tests our smartphones are then ready to arrive at your home. Remember you’re not only buying a refurbished phone that is way cheaper than the original one, But you’re also helping to save the environment.

Keep it in mind before you buy Refurbished smartphones

Ok, I have a very old iPhone 6S here, very,totally broken phone. I just want you to show you how easy it is to refurbish this iPhone. 

And what quite a lot of people do is resellit for a lot of money. To start off I have the broken iPhone. curbside pickup only You can see it’s really broken.  Supply chain transparency 

The only thing on this phone that still needs to work is the logic board. Also make sure the phone doesn’t have iCloudlock because that will make the phone useless as well. This phone, the logic board is still fine. stores may be limited but that’s about the only thing. 

Then I go to a Chinese website called Taobao. Like the eBay for china. And I basically ordered a complete new iPhonefor a few bucks. buy a refurbished phone

The only part that’s not included is the logic board. But that’s exactly the part we will get from our old phone. 2 days later I received my order. 

Supply chain transparencyLet’s see what’s inside. Some tools, some bits and screws, the front screen and the complete rear housing. 

What I will do now is I swap the logic board from the old phone into the new phone. Like this. peace of mind
If you also would like to do the swap, there are some good posts. I’ll put a link in the description box below. cell phones

I disconnect the battery and remove the screen and then I detach the logic board. alright, here we have the logic board, the old phone, the new phone, time to swap. Assembling the logic board is basically the same thing but then in the opposite order. pre owned phone

Easy! And voila, i have a brand new iPhone. The only thing is I don’t know anything about the internals of this phone. verizon app and select

I don’t know if the parts are original apples or if it’s all fake. And we have no idea about the history of the new phone.So yes, I’m not saying refurbished iPhonesare bad. I just want you to make sure you know what you’re buying. I’m quite happy with my new iPhone.

How to check refurbished or new phones?

First lets check redmi note 3  goto settings and select about phone then status open IMEI information You will see that IMEISV is zero  so it means this phone hasn’t been to service or formatted. This is a brand new phone Now let’s check redmi 3s prime. limited to curbside pickup

MI delivered this phone today only. For brand new phones like this there is a code to know whether it is a new or used one.  

Open dialer and type *#*#4636#*#* Now you can access our phone information. you will see IMEI information from here,  But note that this trick works only if your phone is not used yet, or no sims inserted in its hybrid slots. certified pre

If any sim inserted previous it won’t show IMEI info here sadly IMEI info not showing here. Now i doubt this is a refurbished phone Let check through settings and phone status See IMEI sv shows 08 and 01. 

It means this phone had been previously serviced and factory reset before resale; each refurbished mobile phone has new software loaded onto it by software upgrade departments at service centres.  select the pickup option

In my case I bought it from the MI store so the manufacturer does the refurb itself. Now you can clearly see the difference in screen quality also. Redmi 3s Prime is little bit in yellowish which is refurbished.  whereas redmi note 3 on whiter side which is brand new. 

So when u buy a new phone immediately check for these numbers to find whether ur phone is brand new or used.  Unfortunately if u receive refurbish phone and its working fine, it is a good to go.  or you will look for absolutely new conditions then call to customer care. 

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