Why Bluehost is best website Hosting |Bluehost reviews |

Why Bluehost is best website Hosting |Best hosting options | 2020 |

Why Bluehost is best website Hosting |Bluehost reviews |
Why Bluehost is best website Hosting |Bluehost reviews |

Bluehost customer service| Bluehost wordpress hosting price 

In this post I’ll show you how to set up WordPress on your Bluehost account how to get a free SSL certificate on any of your Bluehost domains and I’ll also show you how to get a professional looking business email address completely free of charge live chat.

As well as optimize your Bluehost website for the best possible performance after all of the optimizations were done on my Bluehost website was up to 30%faster than before. So, without any further ado let’s start. Obviously. Is wordpress site is good vps hosting?

The Very first thing you’ll need is a plan with Bluehost and for this tutorial I Assume you already have one so you can skip to this time in the video for the actual tutorial. But if you don’t have a plan with Bluehost they’re actually one of the better cheap web hosting alternatives that are out there right now. Bluehost server resources.
We all know that shared hosting package is good among all packages.live chat  We get unlimited email in this package for online stores and small businesses

And here’s how to get one of their plans with a discount. To get yourself a plan with a 67% discount click the link down in the description below, this will take you to the Bluehost website and automatically apply the discount.if you want to make business website than bluehost is best for you.Its customer support is very good we get 27*7 service.Thats why it is the best hosting company.

So,I want to inform you that these links are actually affiliate links and that if you make a purchase I’ll make a commission  this is simply the best possible way for me to keep my content sponsor and ad free.
 And, I’m also able to give you special discount codes on your purchases so if you want to support the channel go ahead and get yourself a discount and use the links down below but if you don’t want to have any hard feelings. Now, you’ll need to choose a plan.The Best Web Hosting Only $3.95/month Bluehost

 I recommend you get the basic plan if you only want to create one website and the Plus plan if you plan to create multiple websites. And, the choice Plus plan honestly isn’t all that good  goingto cost you around $4 more each month when it’s time to renew and the benefits you’re getting from the choice plus plan are just not worth it in my opinion. 

Here you can choose a free domain name and you’ll be taken to the cart  I recommend not buying any add-ons at first as this will be much cheaper for you but make sure to grab the free email box if you’re offered one. You can always buy the add-ons later if you believe that your website needs them  With  that being said you can go ahead and finish up the purchasing process.

Once you own a Bluehost account your dashboard should look something like this and it’s now time to install WordPress on your newly bought Bluehost website. If you’re in this menu and you want to create a WordPress website just click on my site and choose create site. Type in your website name and the tagline I recommend clicking on the Advanced tab and typing in your email address and login information that you’ll use to get into your WordPressdashboard. Otherwise you’ll get a randomly generated password. 

If you havemore than one domain on Bluehost click as this drop down menu and choose the website you want WordPress installed on. I recommend deselecting all of the additional options as they’ll slow down your website if you’re not using them and you can always get them later if you need. Once the installation is done you’ll be able to view your website and access the WordPress dashboard. YourWordPress website will also appear in the my sites section of the Bluehostdashboard. 

Now, your website is created and it’s time to install the SSL certificate the good thing about Bluehost is they actually offer free SSL certificates with any domain that you buy and they install them automatically.By the way, 

an SSL certificate gives you this lock next to your domain name not having an SSL certificate will give you a not secure message or even worse this page. If for some reason your free SSL certificate didn’t activate automatically make sure to contact the support staff and ask them to activate it for you from the server side. 

You can reach the support staff by clicking the question mark here and then just clicking chat. By the way, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need an SSL certificate but you don’t necessarily want to pay for one I actually have a guide on how you can geta free SSL certificate on absolutely any web hosting provider completely free of charge. 

You can find that guide right here. Yeah somewhere around there. Once you have your SSL certificate installed, you can check if it’s working by typing inHTTPS followed by your website name. 

If your SSL certificate is active you’ll see a green lock next to the domain name and I also recommend navigating to yourWordPress control panel by going into my sites and clicking log into WordPressand install a plug-in called “Really Simple SSL” this will make sure you always use the secure version of your website instead of the HTTP one.

At first glance it might seem that Bluehost is charging you extra if you want to use an email box. Since, when you go to the email and office section there are only paid plans available but there is actually a way of getting a free email address hidden under the hood. 

To create your free business email address you’ll first want to go into the Advanced tab, scroll down to where it says email accounts and click on create. Choose the domain name you want to use with your email account, this will influence how your email address will look. I’ll choose bhtutorial.site enter the name of your email box for example I’ll use info and the password you’ll use to log into this email account.Finally, 

click create. Your new email account will now appear in the email tab to access your mailbox. You can always navigate back to this page and click check email. The first time you use the service you’ll need to select an email client I recommend roundcube. 

just looks so much more professional than something that likeGmail or yahoo.com so it’s always beneficial to create these free business email accounts even if you don’t plan to use them much. So, at this point you should already have a WordPress website created and SSL certificate installed on it and activate it and a free email account that looks professional created.

It’s time to optimize your Bluehost website for the best possible performance using a couple of WordPress plugins.

I’ve added a bit of design and content just to make sure the website is a bit heavier. So, we could have some data to optimize as you can see the website currently loads in 2.7 seconds which isn’t great. So, let’s fix that. 

Super quick disclaimer before making any major changes to your website it doesn’t matter if it’s now or sometimes in the future always back your website up you don’t want to be in the middle of a  when everything crashes down and you’re left without the backup so you have to do it all over again. First I’ll delete everything extra that came with my Bluehost installation that I’m not using. 

This should reduce the size of my website and increase the loading speed quite a bit. Next, I’ve installed 3 free plug insto help me out with the optimization leverage browser caching to fix my caching issue that GT metrics has detected. Smush to reduce the size of myimages.

 Since, this template has a lot of images and a Hummingbird for further speed and performance optimizations let’s start optimizing the website by installing these plugins. First, click on add new and search for the leverage browser caching then install and activate it. You don’t need to configure anything as this plugin does it all automatically. 

Now, we can move on to installing the second plugin called Smush. What Smush does is it compresses and optimizes the images on your website. When installed you’ll find a new menu appearing in your WordPress dashboard so just click on it. 

Go through the automatic setup and click bulk smush now this will optimize all of the images onyour website. Keep in mind, that with the free version you’re only able to optimize 50 images at a time. So, you’ll need to click continue once in a while.When that’s done you’ll now need to install a third plugin called Hummingbird.

 This will show your potential areas where you can further optimize your website and give you the tools to do it. Once the installation isdone you’ll find Hummingbird in the sidebar just like Smush. Run the performance test and wait for it to finish.Now, you’ll find areas that are slowing your website down the most. 

You can analyze and work on these optimizations in every single area but from my experience what’s going to have the most impact is asset optimization and caching.So, navigate the asset optimization and wait for a Hummingbird to scan everything. 

You can skip the tour once the scan is complete and here you will see all of the files you can optimize in various ways. For this tutorial, I’m only going to compress uncompressed files in the theme that I’m using. It’s Recommended to do this one by one and check if your website doesn’t break and if it does revert to the change. However, since I’m just doing a demo website I’m Going to compress everything at once to save time. 

Once you publish the changes going to the caching settings and click activate do this with every single section that doesn’t have caching enabled. So, with all of these optimizations in place I was able to reduce the loading speed and size of my website by 30%. 

Instead of taking on average about 3 seconds to load. Now,it takes 2 and it doesn’t weigh 3MB anymore. Quite a nifty improvement considering it was all done for free and just in a couple of minutes.I’ll be making more web hosting and web development related tutorials in the future so if you’re someone that has a website or you’re just interested in web hosting I highly recommend you subscribe but for now good luck making your websites 

Why Bluehost is a best option for every beginner?

Why Bluehost is a best option for every beginner?
Why Bluehost is a best option for every beginner?

Bluehost is still among the cheaper web hosting providers and their prices are usually always under $3 for this starter plan. To put this into perspective there are companies like Hostinger who offer $1 hosting plans and then there are companies like SiteGroundthat fall in the $4 range.

So, Bluehost is the nice middle choice of course if you want to take advantage of the lower price you’ll have to buy for a long period of time what I mean by this is that Bluehost prices aren’t actually monthly even though the advertised as such you have the choice of buying their plans for one year two years or three years the longer the period the lower the cost per month but you will have to pay the full amount upfront. 

If you’re looking for strictly monthly plans where you pay a small amount each month instead of a large upfront fee I recommend you check out InterServer, Idid a review about InterServer maybe a couple months back that you can find right here. Moving on how well does Bluehost actually perform for the money that you’re paying well I’ve set up some performance tests that have been running for almost a year now so I have some pretty good data to share. 

For the past six months my Bluehost website went offline for 10hours in total which isn’t bad. Scoring Bluehost 99.77% uptime but more interest ingly you can see that most of this downtime came starting March andthe server response times jumped up dramatically starting March as well. In My opinion,

 Bluehost got a big influx of new users considering what’s going on in the world right now but even with the increased pressure they didn’t buckle they kept my website online99.8% of the time and for a cheap plan I can definitely live with 0.2% downtime. 

More importantly both the response times and these stability issues seem to be already fixed; this shows that they reacted fast and probably added new servers to accommodate all of the newusers. And for their loading speed I’ve actually done two tests first I’ve tested an empty WordPress website as a baseline and then I’ve added a lot of design elements like text, pictures, videos basically.

I’ve simulated an actual website to see how it loads. But first I want to share something if you use the links down below you can get up to 65% of your order and support the channel at the same time.  

The links down below are actually affiliate links that means if you make any purchases through them I’ll make a commission and I understand that it’s way harder to trust a review this way and it could influence your buying decision that’s why I want to be as objective and as transparent as possible.

This is simply the best way for me to monetize my channel without accepting sponsorships or ad deals and it also allows me to create content that’s honest while getting you special discount links so it’s like a win-win in my books. Thank you for the support thank you for understanding and let’s get back to this Bluehost review. The empty WordPress website using just the base optimizations that came with my Bluehost plan loaded in 2.9 seconds which honestly is on the slower side. 

I was fully expecting with this number to be below 1 second. but then I added the design elements and made my website look like this with all of the design elements in place my website loading speed dropped to 4.3s In 2020.

Bluehost actually fellway behind other companies in speed because a lot of new technologies emerged and Bluehost chose not to use any of them you can get twice as fastWordPress hosting plans with other providers like Hostinger or SiteGroundthey’ll actually load the exact same website in 2 seconds instead of 4but does this mean that Bluehost plans are bad? 

No, not at all they’re actually great but for a certain type of user they’re definitely not for everyone Bluehost gives you a lot for the price that you’re paying and their features are specifically tailored to website creating beginners or first-timers with all Bluehost plans you get a free domain name this will allow you to register a website name completely free of charge.

 you’ll also get a free SSL certificate. SSL certificates encrypt your website and give you this lock next to your domain increasing trust from your users. One of the best beginner features is their one click WordPress installation software, with just a few clicks you’ll have your website online in around 5 minutes after purchase everything is done for you automatically with very little effort from your side and if this wasn’t enough after your website is live. 

You’ll get a checklist that shows you what you need to work on if you’ve never created a website before this is a great starting point, tackling problems one by one and once you’re done you can add a check mark and move to the next item on the list. Not sure how something works?

 Bluehost gives you the access to a pretty extensive knowledge base to browse and find answers with detailed articles and if this isn’t enough you can go to their contact page where you’ll be able to get phone or chat support 24/7. If you’re from the United States you can actually get free phone consultation fromBluehost about how you can increase the performance of your website, how you can launch advertisements to increase the brand awareness of your brand and how you can increase traffic to your website. 

Overall, Bluehost focuses a lot on having a very good user experience while not having the fastest servers or the best  technology they help beginners get a grip about what’s important and how to properly manage their website. And, overall they just help you out with the business side of things not just the performance side of things. 

So you’re probably interested in what you get after purchase. So, let’s do a quick Bluehost unboxing and let’s see how everything looks after you purchased one of their plants Bluehost uses a mixture of cPanel and its own custom solution here on the side you can see all of the different management tools.

 By clicking my sites and going into management if you can launch Google advertising campaigns or add your business to GoogleMaps you can also do basic performance optimization work on the basic security of your website and see what kind of updates your website needs at the moment.

While managing simple things like comments are activating deactivating the coming soon page. However, if you click on the Advanced tab you can access the standard cPanel where all of the features you would normally expect from a web hosting provider hide. Bluehost uses the standard cPanel and there’s everything you need to manage a successful website.

 For example, want to create a custom email address that uses your website name? No problem, just head on over to email accounts and create one.

 Similarly, you can add automatic responders to your emails and stuff like that. Okay, let’s get to the brass tax are you getting a good deal if you’re choosing Bluehost or should you look elsewhere. So in my opinion, if you’re a complete beginner this is your first website and you’re unsure in your web management skills there’s no better company than Bluehost for you at the moment.

 Sure you’re not gonna get the best performance but you’re also not gonna pay the top dollar. For a good price you’ll get decent performance you’ll get good support and most importantly you’ll get a lot of features that are specifically tailored for beginners.live chat 

 But if this is not your first rodeo you know what you’re doingBluehost is actually quite a tough sell because probably you’re not gonna take advantage of any of their beginner tailored features and you just want the best possible performance.vps hosting.

Top 6 Feature of Bluehost 

 Top 6 Feature of Bluehost
 Top 6 Feature of Bluehost 

Well, I’ve Been a paying Bluehost customer for over a year now and over that time I’ve spent quite a bit of money with their plans. And in this post  I want to go over the 6 most important things I think you should know before getting a plan with Bluehost. So, without any further talking let’s jump right into thisBluehost review. 

Bluehost plans a start at $7.99 but if you use the links in the description down below you can get that price down to just $2.95 for your first term. Be aware that this price is only valid if you buy their plans for at least 3 years if you buy for a shorter period of time the price will be higher.

 When your plans expire and you need to renew the renewal prices will no longer be discounted, you will need to pay the full amount. So, in order to get the biggest discounts you need to buy for the longest amount of time on your first purchase. 

Bluehost offers faster loading web sites than most other web hosting providers. You can expect your website to be around20% faster than other solutions in this similar price range. However, I did notice that Bluehost tends to crash a lot more than other providers so you’re sacrificing stability for speed. 

Using Uptime Robot I track how often my website goes offline in the past 30 days my website went offline for about 34minutes. Which is quite a lot to be honest but the average response time was just 180 milliseconds which was surprisingly fast. Also, using GTmetrixI’ve tested the loading speed of my Bluehost website and it loaded in just0.7 seconds. So, based on these test results we can definitely see that Bluehost offers fast and cheap web hosting service. 

However, you might experience some downtime here and there of course this happens with almost any web hosting provider just in my experience it’s a little bit more common with Bluehost but if you’re looking for a really stable web hosting provider.

 I recommend you check out Dreamhost. I have a full review of Dreamhost that I’ll put right here. By the way real quick I want to mention that my channel is supported by affiliate links so if you buy something from the links down in the description below you get a discount and I make a commission these commission’s allow me to make more videos allow me to buy more web hosting services to test and keep mycontent sponsor and ad free. 

So, if you decide to buy web hosting services get yourself a discount through the links down below and support the channel at the same time thank you very much and let’s go back to this Bluehost review. 

Every single Bluehost plan comes with a free domain and a free SSL certificate. Getting everything included in your plan will save you around $15 per year. You also get 50 gigabytes of SSD storage space even with the cheapest plan. 

Inmost cases 50 gigabytes is actually way more than you actually need when creating your website and having a free domain name with a free SSL certificate is a huge benefit that you should strongly consider when choosing your web hosting provider. If you want to create a website with WordPress Bluehost is a no brainer choice. 

They’re recommended by WordPress themselves, they’ve basically built their whole brand around being WordPress friendly. You get an easy one-click wordpress installer that will install WordPress and some helpful plugins for you automatically Bluehost will also update your WordPressversion, installed themes and plugins automatically as well. Bluehost is actually my number one recommendation for WordPress based hosting. So, if you want to create a WordPress website definitely choose Bluehost. 

Even though Bluehost advertises monthly prices the shortest plan you can buy is for 1 year. And, that will cost you a one-time payment of $60 if you decide to go with Bluehost you will have to commit for at least a year because. 

They do not offer monthly plans and to be honest most other web hosting providers don’t offer monthly plans as well it’s just something that happens in this industry so if you want to get web hosting usually the shortest amount of time you can buy your plan for is one year. 

If you already have your website and you want to switch to Bluehost they will not transfer your website to their servers for free. 

It will cost you $150 per website or you’ll have to do it yourself it’s quite a shame that Bluehost doesn’t offer free website migration
because providers likea2 hosting do but it’s not really that big of a deal if you know how to migrate the website yourself or you don’t even have a website to migrate in the first place. 

So, I’ve been using Bluehost and I’ve been a happy customer for quite a long time now I rarely have any issues with them and when I do the support people help me out within a reasonable amount of time if you’re still considering Bluehost.

 I would say go for it especially if you’re planning to host a wordpress based website if you want more information about Bluehost I’ll leave the full in-depth review of Bluehostthat I did at the end of this post but if you’re ready to create your website don’t forget to grab a 63% discount for Bluehost plans through the links down in the description below 

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