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Whatever reason you guys want to delete your instagram account or whether you have too much of social media or you just want to give it a break altogether. Then in this video .  I will show you guys exactly how to get that done. So stick around .  

Welcome back , guys . This is Marlon from the YouTubeMarketing channel. I am your hosts and I want to show you how to delete your instagram account . Instagram has made  it a bit difficult back in the days you could just go straight to the account , so you have to log into account first. 

So you normally could log into your account and even go to edit profile and down below . You could have it  done here as well , but they make it a bit more chicken for us to really delete our accounts and stuff like that . So pretty much they frustrate us to get that down . 

So we’re gonna have to do so You locked  into actual accounts and then we’re gonna where you have the three lines , you know , click into three lines and they get down to we have settings . So , you know , click and settings and then you’re gonna go scroll  down all the way down to where you have to keep going. 
We have support , you know , a help Centre . So you gonna click on that one , and then you’re gonna have the first line here you have used  in instagram and then managing your account snapchat login. 
So , you know ,   webstagram click in managing your account , and that’s where you guys can go ahead and do pretty much anything to your actual account . So  the for the 1st 1 is about privacy settings and information , and then how ? Delete your account . So you click in this going here and then get it would give you three different opportunities . 

How do I temporarily disabled my accounts just in case you’re interested in only a disability account for a period of time , and then you can go back and just , you know , refresher . You can do that from  there also if you will know , how do I delete my account than pretty much of thus we after which the topic is how do I delete my account ? So you click on that one and down here , give  us a break down and give you the temporary disabling your account and then if you go down a little bit more , you see where the delete your account page. 

You click in that one , and actually it will open  up and give you options . And then you guys can go ahead , for example , click in this one . Then you said , Hi Nubian Prince , which is style , probably a block . And then you give you reason . Whatever reason you want to give , say  one , to remove something is to be easier to disturb and privacy concerns. 

Trouble getting started confounds people to follow . Too many ads created a count . A second  account is something else . So whatever your reasons are , go ahead . Click in that one . And initially the delayed process was taught from there. 

So , like I said , that makes it a bit more tricky  . So all you have to do is just click into three lines , go down to sit-ins and venues . You work your way down to the bottom , where you’re gonna have support and they go to the help  centre . And then we could click to the second option , which is managing the account. 

So thank you very much . Ladies and gents , for this when it will start to near with , You know , you hear resolution , where you don’t wanna have  to face or interrupted too much of the social media. 

So you want to get rid of that for Peter time  instagram download? Like it said that pretty time could be temporarily  twitter login. And also , it could be permanent , depending on how you feel about it. Instagram delete account page.
How to change iphone notification setting |how to delete instagram|
In this Post, you’ll learn how to use notifications on your iPhone. Notifications are little reminders that show up on your screen when an app wants your attention. When someone sends you a text, for example,and your phone vibrates, and a badge appears on your screen, that’s a notification. 

Setting up notifications makes sure you see only the ones you care about and lets you control how they appear on your phone. This way you don’t get overwhelmed with notifications you don’t care about. To set up notifications, open your Settings App. 

About halfway down the screen, tap Notifications. The next menu shows you all of the apps that can send you notifications. You can control the settings for each one. For this example, let’s choose how we want to receive text message notifications. Scroll down until you find Messages and tapon it. 

The first bar lets you decide if you want to receive any notifications at all. If you don’t want to receive any notifications at all from an app, tap the white circle so the green goes away. We want to be notified when we get a text,so make sure the button on the right is green. The next option on the list says “Show InNotification Center” Let’s talk about what that is. 

You can access the notification center atany time from any screen swiping downward. A list will appear of all of your recent notifications. These could be missed calls or upcoming calendar events. 

If you would like to see notifications in the notification center, make sure the button is green. The next option you can customize is sound. Select it, and a large list of sounds will appear. 
You can click through them and preview each one until you find one you like. After choosing a sound you like tap “Messages”in the top left corner to return to the notifications menu. The next options let you choose the style of notification. Forgot instagram password The first option is the badge. 

This notification puts a small red number on your app icon on your home screen. This number tells you how many notifications from this app are waiting for you. Let’s turn this on so we know how many unread text messages we have waiting for us. 

The second option is “Show on Lock Screen”. If you turn this on, notifications will show up on your lock screen. Let’s turn this one on so we can see if we have any missed text messages without having to unlock our phone. Finally, you can choose your notification style for when your phone is unlocked. 

The first option is None. This will prevent any notifications from showing up on your screen while you are using your phone. The second option is Banner. A banner will appear at the top of your screen and then disappear after a few seconds. The last option is Alerts. 

This option puts a banner at the top of your screen that won’t go away until you take action. Lets select the middle option, Banner. Now at the very bottom there are two moreoptions specific to the Messages app how to delete instagram. If you want to be able to read some of the messages in the notification banner, tap Preview, and then select Always, or When Unlocked. login I like to get a preview of my text messages,so I’ll select Always. If you don’t want to be able to see the content of the message until you open it, select Off. how to reactivate instagram Finally, you can choose to repeat alerts if you want to keep being reminded how to delete instagram 2020. 

Alerts will come every two minutes. I don’t want my phone to keep buzzing if i don’t read a new text, so I’ll turn this option off. And that’s it! Remember, you can control notifications for every app on your phone by following these same steps. 

Just go to Settings, then Notifications, instagram followers thenselect the app that you want to set up notifications for.Instagram search
How to add people on snapchat | how to delete instagram|
Have you ever wanted to just get rid of somebody off of snapchat but you’re not too sure how you may not even know how you got them there in the first place [fun music] hello my wonderful friends of the internet Lorry coming to you today for the very short lesson on how to add and delete people from your snapchat list. 

I talked to the 50-plus  instagram login with facebook crowd of entrepreneurs and business owners on a very regular basis and this is actually a pretty common question Lorri how do I get rid of that person on snapchat I Really don’t want to see their stories anymore and while i always encourage my students and people that.

I interact with to give them give those snapchatters a chance sometimes it’s better to just cut the strings and let them go that being said you may have added them and not even known how so in today’s short tutorial I’m going to show you how to add and delete people off of your snapchat so this is where you land when you first open up snapchat i’m going to tap on the ghost here and hublaagram the very top in the middle you can see very clearly here where you can add friends so I’msimply going to tap on add friends and this is where you can either add by username so if you know the person’s username Joe I don’t know who this joeis but.

If this was somebody that you knew then you could simply click on ad you can also add by snapcode here you see is a snap code that i had downloaded onto my phone i’m going to just go ahead and tap on that and there you go now. 

I can add this person as a friend you can see as well that people that you have perhaps recently added into your address book they will be here in underneath the quick add section this is also a neat function add nearby so if you tap on that it will search your nearby area apparently nobody lives close to me. 
So it’s as simple as that that’s how you add people into your snapchat now let’s say that you really aren’t following some of these people anymore and you want to get them off of your list this is how you do that go back up to the ghost here at the top click on my friends now this is my own personal list of friends you can see here i put a system together for myself I have a little icon in front of everybody’s name and that represents who they are and what they mean to me.
Okay i’m going to use my friend Margaritas an example for the purposes of this video i’m simply going to deleteMargaret and i’ll add her back in later now that you have the code up of the person that you no longer want to follow their story you simply click on the gearwheel of their account in the top right corner.
Click on remove friend and there you go it’s as simple as that Margaret is no longer my friend on snapchat that makes me sad super simple to add friends and also delete friends if you really feel like you’re no longer following their stories anymore there is also another way to find the person that.
You don’t want to follow any more and let me show you the bottomright  instagram login with facebook on pc corner right here this is where all the stories are i’m going to tap on that lets say i didn’t want to follow dane cook anymore dane cook the celebrity.
I’m just going to tap and hold on his name and you can see his account pops up here so you would just do the very same thing tap on the gear wheel and then remove friend but I’m not going to because i like dane cook if you’re not already using snapchat as an entrepreneur or as a business owner I truly believe you’re missing a huge chunk of the pie it’s like this massive ocean of potential business and potential partners and potential customers and potential clients that a lot of people.
Especially the 50-plus crowd they’re just too nervous about how to delete instagram or scared or what have you to dive in so I hope that tutorial made sense for you. It’s actually pretty straightforward if you would like more information and some more in-depth stuff about snapchat for entrepreneurs.
 Because I’ve written a valuable ebook on snapchat for entrepreneurs that I know you’re going to want to get your hands on. That’s what I had for you today my wonderful friends on the internet. I hope that you have enjoyed this and have found this of some value. 

If you have and if you’ve learned something and you think you know people that could also learn from it please instagram logo feel free to share this video you know tweet it or share it on linkedin or whatever I don’t mind seeing my face all over the place and pretty how to delete instagram ?
delete  instagram 3 instagram actually have a whole playlist of snapchat videosI’m going to put those right in here for you to

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