How to recall an email in Outlook | 2020 |

How to recall an email in Outlook | 2020 

Have you ever sent an email only to regret it a second or two later maybe you forgot to attach a file or made amistake outlook 2013 gives you some limited options to recall it and here’show to do that firstly you can only record it if the recipient hasn’t readit yet so you need to act quickly secondly recall only really works ifyou’re both on an exchange server and thirdly it sometimes doesn’t work at allfor no obvious reason but if you’ve made a boo-boo it is worth giving it a tryhere’s an email with a bad mistake.
I’m sending it to myself so you can see howit should work the email is sent you can see my inbox is showing one new messageI now realize my mistake and want to recall the email i just sent so i go tothe sent messages folder and locate that email i click on it to open it and go tothe move section and select actions the option you want is recall email click onthat and you get a dialog box that gives you a few more options you can simplytry to delete the erroneous email or you can replace it with a corrected versionand you get the option of asking the server to let you know the result thistime I’m just going to try to delete the one I’ve just sent so i click ok andoutlook helpfully adds a note to the sent email telling me that i tried torecall it and giving me the date and the time and.
Here in my inbox is the resultyou can watch it disappear the recall was successful and just to confirm itoutlook tells me that the recall was successful this system works well ifboth the sender and the recipient are on an exchange server preferably the sameone but unfortunately it doesn’t always work with other servers here’s anexample sent to a gmail serve I create and send an email with a bigboo-boo then I realize and this time.
 I’m going to try to replace it with thecorrect information not just delete it so I go to send emails I click on theerroneous email to open it and go to move select actions and this time I wantto replace the email so.
 I select that checkbox next I delete the erroneouscontent and replace it with the correct version you can add the attachment youforgot as well if you wish I’m also going to ask for a delivery receipt justso I know that it’s got to my colleagues inbox and i press send the resultalthough the gmail server doesn’t send me any information about whether myrecall was successful or not at least the delivery receipt tells me what’shappened and I can be fairly confident that my colleague has got the correctionand here’s what my colleague using gmail sees in his inbox first of all he getsthe erroneous message then he sees the recall and finally the corrected messageif you’re quick he won’t have much chance to act on the erroneous onebefore he gets the recall in the correction it’s a useful system even ifit is a bit hit-and-miss so don’t rely on it best practice is to read youremail and check it before pressing send and if you’re steamed up and angry maybecount to ten or even wait until the following day before firing off that putdown outlooks recall button may work for you if you’re quick but you can’t relyon it eTop Technology

 Microsoft Outlook : Sending and Receiving Email

The first thing you should do is make sureMail is selected in the lower left. We’re going to start by creating a new email. Inthe Home tab, click the New Email command, and the Compose window will open. You’ll need to add at least one recipient.You can do this by typing an email address in the To field. Or, if a contact is alreadyin your Address Book, you can just start typing their name, and when you see their email addresspop up, press the Enter key or the Tab key. You can also click To to open your AddressBook. Then, you can double-click a person’s name to add them to the To field. Sometimes, you may want to add someone tothe Cc, or Carbon Copy field.
 You can do this by selecting their name, and then clickingthe Cc button. Carbon copy basically just lets the person know that they’re not themain recipient, while still keeping them in the loop. Bcc, or Blind Carbon Copy, hides the recipient’semail address from all of the other recipients. If you’re sending an email out to a largegroup of people, you may want to put all of the recipients in the Bcc field. But for thisemail, we don’t need to use it. When you’re done, click OK. Then, type your Subject and the body of yourmessage. When you’re done, click Send to send the email. To read your emails, you’ll need to make sureInbox is selected. Any unread messages will have the sender’s name in bold. You can clicka message to read it, or you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to switch between differentmessages. In this email, Gregory Mays is the main recipient,but Meredith Greene also received a copy. It’s a good idea to check this to see whetheryou’re the main recipient because if you’re not, you may not need to respond to it.
If there is an attachment, you can click onit to view it, or you can right-click it to print or save it. Now that I’ve read the message, I have theoption of replying to it, or forwarding it to someone else, and I’d like to reply toit. Since there was more than one recipient, I’m going to select Reply All so that everybodystays in the loop. I’ll then type the message. I’d like to add an attachment to this email,so I’ll click Attach file, in the Message tab. I’ll select the file that I want, andthen click Insert. Before I send it, I’d also like to add a Signature,which is a block of text that appears at the end of the email, and usually includes yourname and contact info.
 In the Message tab, click the Signature command, and then selectSignatures. Click New, type the name that you want it to have, then then click OK. You can then type your Signature below. Youcan add any formatting that you like, but keep in mind that if you’re using Outlookat work, you may not want to do too much unusual formatting because it may start to look lookunprofessional. When you’re done, click OK. Now, in the Message tab, click Signature,and select your signature. Then, click Send to send the email. And now, whenever you click the New Emailbutton, your signature will appear at the end. I hope  you liked this video if you enjoyed this please drop a valuable comment in the comment box. This  will motivate me to do my work.

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