How to use Paypal?How to add money to paypal | 2020 |

How to use Paypal?How to add money to paypal | 2020 | 

How to use paypal?

how to use paypal?
Hi guys! today I will share with you how to create a PayPal account and how to cash out from there.  we use paypal

So make sure you stay with me until the end of this video so that you get to know what you shouldn’t click on PayPal’s portal or the easiest way to get your money and the requirements to create a PayPal account. kios pulsa via paypal

So guys let’s go! I’ll share with you my screen. The first thing you need to do is go to their website using your browser. It’s and you’ll find this page. toko pulsa beli pulsa via paypal

On the upper right corner, you’ll see these two options: log in and sign up. Of course, we’re going to select sign up since we’re new. pulsa paypal otomatis

It’ll give us two options: buy with PayPal and receive payments with PayPal. A lot of people get confused here because what you really need to select is “Buy with PayPal”.  pulsa paypal net

Then click on next. And then you will see this page with the form, just input your details. And then let’s click on next. It’ll say “Welcome, Mimi! Let’s create your account now”.  beli pulsa via paypal terpercaya

So just input your date of birth. There you go. Nationality: Philippines And then it’ll make you choose an ID for verification.  pulsa paypal unverified

This is how e-wallets or accounts that we create online that are money-related work in which we input our funds.
It’s normal for them to ask us an ID for verification. Like the driver’s license, UMID, SSS ID.  cara mengisi saldo paypal lewat pulsa

The ID you’ll have to choose needs to have the same name that you used on your PayPal So make sure you don’t use aliases. Make sure you use your real ID name and all of your documents’ names. 

The name that your mother or your parents gave you is what you’ll input on PayPal. the name you use on your bank accounts, online transactions.  konversi pulsa ke paypal

That’s what you need to use as first and last name. So, that’s that. You can use a driver’s license, national ID and passport. beli pulsa telkomsel paypal

The ID requires a picture, an ID number, an address and I think that’s it. It needs to have a date of birth. 

We can choose the national ID and ID number. Just input it. Put the ID’s address. Fill in everything and click on “Agree and create account”. The next thing you’ll see is the security challenge. Click on “I’m not a robot”.

Then PayPal will send you an email on the email address that you used to confirm your email address. So, click to activate the account. 

Then enter your password to confirm. You can also add your phone number. Let’s click on not now. You’ll then see your dashboard. 

Once you’ve done so and you’ve confirmed your account you can now receive payments on your PayPal. So it’ll go right through it. 

You now have a PayPal email address that you can send to your client or whoever wants to send you money and you can receive it on your PayPal account. 

How do we withdraw our funds from PayPal? The most common way is to link our bank or credit card. 

All you have to do is click here on the dashboard, on “Link your bank” You can input your bank name, bank code, and account number. My main bank, for example, is BDO or Banco De Oro.

So let’s type in Banco De Oro. And then it’ll auto-fill once you select it. Like this one with Banco De Oro.

Or for example, let’s try Bank of the Philippines Islands The bank code will auto-fill. You’ll only need to put in your bank account. And make sure that the name here below is the same as your bank account’s name. 

So that there won’t be any extra fees. Because if for example someone sent you money but it bounced back you might get charged because they have bouncing fees.

Once it’s linked you can withdraw. Another method is GCash. A lot of you use GCash. All you need to do is from the GCash account, just click on “Link your PayPal account” from the remittance. pulsa paypal

I’ll show it to you later. And your PayPal balance can withdraw it from your GCash account. This is how it works. Once in GCash click on “My linked accounts”. pulsa pembayaran paypal

This page will open. Click on PayPal, enter your PayPal email address and then just click on “Link”. pulsa paypal info

It’s in error because I already have an account on PayPal but this is the account you’ll see– or screen I mean. And there you go. Enter your login information that you used on PayPal. Then, click on “Activate”. tukar paypal ke pulsa

Close it and they’ll send a confirmation email but you won’t need to do anything more. Basically, your GCash is linked to your PayPal account. pulsa paypal 2017

It’ll say “PayPal Account Linking is complete!” 

If for example, your PayPal account has a balance, just go to “Cash” and under remittance choose “PayPal”. And your available balance on PayPal will reflect. Enter the amount, next and withdraw.  pulsa paypal 24 jam

Another way is through your PayMaya account. For those who don’t know about PayMaya, it’s an e-wallet here in the Philippines that you can use to sign up, you need to verify the email and once that’s completed. paypulsa

They’ll give you a PayMaya virtual card. You can use that as a credit card that you’ll enter on PayPal. naga pulsa

And you can use the withdrawal method. There you go! That’s how easy it is to create a PayPal account and use it as your mode of payment for your online transactions. 

So it’s not only for work at home, you can use it to shop, and to receive any mode of payment. So it’s important to have a PayPal account. beli pulsa via paypal unverified

how to use paypal

Thank you so much guys for staying till last.If this post helped you please like and share it with your friends and family. cara menukar paypal dengan pulsa

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